Repairing Stained Glass


When repairing stained glass we will judge whether a partial repair or total rebuilding of the panel is required. This will generally depend on the condition of the lead came and indeed the glass.

Repair to Victorian front door panel. Ipswich, 2008
Repair to Victorian front door panel. Ipswich, 2008

A great deal of our work is in the repair and restoration of stained glass from front doors, transoms, sidelights to interior panels. After an initial viewing, we will supply you with an estimate of the cost of the job, taking into account whether you wish to have temporary board or glass   fitted if the panel is an exterior one.  When refitting the repaired panel, we will always aim for the best level of security.


If  total  re-leading of the panel is required,  a template is taken of the original layout and the
new panel is  built following this. All joints will be soldered and any broken pieces, (if the replacement of these is instructed by the client), will be replaced with glass matching as closely as possible in colour and texture to the original stained glass.

The piece will then be cemented to strengthen and weatherproof it.

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